Back in time for Newport LIFE Magazine

Today I am thrilled to share something different and that I´ve been so very exited about. It was pretty hard not to do so earlier! 

A big thank you to Annie Sherman, managing editor of Newport Life Magazine who contacted me to photograph this story for senior editor, Tracie Seed, who was working on writing about colonial dresses. As she puts it, it is "A behind-the-scenes peek under the skirts of 18th-century fashion." Thanks to the beautiful wardrobe collection and knowledge of Renee Walker-Tuttle and of Elizabeth Sulock, and to the Newport Restoration Foundation for making this photo-shoot at the Whitehorne House of Newport, RI so very immersing and believable. 

Here is a peek at the magazine feature (read the story in the September/October 2017 issue), followed by a personal selection.