Newport LIFE Magazine - Featured!

Today I am thrilled to share something different and that I´ve been so very exited about. It was pretty hard not to do so earlier! 

A big thank you to Annie Sherman, managing editor of Newport Life Magazine who contacted me to photograph this story for senior editor, Tracie Seed, who was working on writing about colonial dresses. As she puts it, it is "A behind-the-scenes peek under the skirts of 18th-century fashion." Thanks to the beautiful wardrobe collection and knowledge of Renee Walker-Tuttle and of Elizabeth Sulock, and to the Newport Restoration Foundation for making this photo-shoot at the Whitehorne House of Newport, RI so very immersing and believable. 

Here is a peek at the magazine feature (read the story in the September/October 2017 issue), followed by a selection of my favourite images!





I´m an Auntie!

Welcome to the world, baby Oliver! You have amazing parents and a very cool, camera crazy French Tata! 

Sunway Photography, your Rhode Island Family Photographer!



Take-Over Tuesday

Today I was invited to post for the Newport Life Magazine´s social accounts. It was to be seasonal and about our beautiful area so I decided to illustrate what my perfect kind of day looks like, now that the weather is... "friendlier" let´s say! 

Thank you so very much to Annie Sherman and Tracie Seed for their support and generosity. 


Let´s start with hanging in the backyard with my son and our furry babysitters... Middletown´s countryside looks extraordinary!


Followed by a stroll on Broadway to watch the cherry blossoms swirl around with my dear friend Elsa


What´s better than tiny toes in the sand? Next stop Third Beach, which is going to be amazing this summer with my best buddy <3


Whoever says sunny day, says Frosty Freez! Here is my beautiful sister-in-law, sharing a treat with her baby boy who is due any day.


Lastly, hop on for a lovely sundown ride with my one and only on our awesome beach cruisers!

Very exited about our summer in Newport! 




Here´s one of my latest portrait session with fellow creative and photographer, Marial Maher of Visual Manor in Newport, RI. She was terrific and very keen on allowing me to use the moody, edgy aesthetics that I´m in love with and starting to bring up a lot more in my commercial work. No need to say that with a background in music and modelling... the girl ROCKED it!!

Also check out Freys´ awesome sunglasses company, featured in the shoot. 




Kate & Christophe

I couldn´t be more exited about this bride and groom´s portrait session. It perfectly ended my visit in France and reflects the love I have for my home town of Villefranche-sur-Mer and for intricate, cinema-inspired imagery. 

Join us on a little walk through time...




Ed & Nat

Ingredients for the perfect engagement shoot:

*Sexy couple (very sexy indeed)

*Sheer rock cliffs

*Sea breeze

*Red earth

*Sunset, of course

*Random perfect walls


Mix well together and enjoy to the fullest