"Born in Nice, France, I grew up in a very artistic and multicultural environment. I am of Italian and Danish decent. My family passed on to me their love of the art world but also their love of people, of their differences and of all the things that makes an individual unique and interesting. My cultural identity has always played a massive role in my personal and professional life. I have lived and worked in France, Denmark and at sea, on sailboats that brought me to many corners of the earth. I married an American sailor, who gave me the most precious gift of all, our beautiful baby boy. 

It is at the School of Fine Arts of Marseille, before my life on the ocean, that I fell completely in love with the little light box...
After years spent trying to express myself with brushes, pencils, clay (you name it) without much satisfaction, I realised during a photo assignment that the medium was simply perfect for me. I started to feel a sense of freedom and joy that would be hard to describe! Creation was finally possible in a frustration free manner and I could not have been happier about it. So the camera followed me... everywhere. My eye naturally developed and strengthened over the years and with the beautiful adventures I experienced.  After many countries and faces captured, I came back "to earth" in 2013 and opened a wedding and portrait company in the South of France. After a successful couple of years on the Riviera, I moved to the US in Rhode Island and now create images from this side of the pond. 

I also work as a documentary and fine art photographer. To check it out, click here!" 


- Annabelle Hendersøn